There Is Just One Thing You Need To Get Done Before 2020 Is Over

It’s To Get Your Business Ready For Online Marketing & Sales In 2021, That's Why We Have Set Up This Work Shop For You.

What has 2020 taught us?

We have majorly learnt that technology and digital as a whole no longer take the back seat.

While some businesses were crying and cringing about the losses incurred from the lockdown and COVID-19’s mess.

Some felt otherwise and were kinda happy that it happened. Do you know why?

They were finally able to 

  1. Focus on what’s important
  2. Analyze where the leakages are in their business
  3. Cut down on the cost of running so many physical stores and then moved their stores online 
  4. Market to their customers online and escaped the whole lockdown effect
  5. Launch digital products that teach their customers what to do while lockdown was on.

So, Oluwamayowa, What Do I Need To Learn & Set-Up For My Business Before 2021?

  1. Learn How To Understand Your Customer
    The more you know them, the more you can solve their problem and earn more money.
  2. Learn how to build and update your own website yourself without needing a ‘developer’.
    There are free tools that help you have a solid website without spending a fortune.
  3. Learn how to build landing pages that explain your new offer, product or service.
    Building a landing page replaces talking one on one to each customer about your product or service.
  4. Learn how to plan and run your own online ads
    Not running ads is like opening a new shop and expecting angels to bring you customers. Running online ads is not as hard as you think.
  5. Learn how to engage customers who are not buying right away with EMAIL MARKETING.
    Because not everyone will buy right away, so you need to keep being in contact with them till they buy.
  6. Learn how to create and design your own social media content.
    Enough of boring social media pages that don’t bring sales.
  7. Learn how to track results and know what to do to improve it.
    Because your customers are not predictable, so you need to keep adjusting till you hit your gold mine.

What If you could learn all these in 3 days in December so you can enter 2021 all ready and set for business? And also get free support for the whole of January.

If 2020 gave you a hint of what doing business in the future will look like, and how everything is moving online? 

Then one last thing you should do before going into 2021 is to fully set up your online marketing and sales channel. 

Join my ‘Taking Over 2021’ Online Marketing & Sales Bootcamp For Business Owners.

Open your digital door. 

Open your business to more customers online

Learn what works


This training is in

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Price: N6,500 | $16.25

This training is in

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This training covers all areas every business owner and startup founder need to set up online marketing and sales channels their businesses need ahead of 2021.

Check out the detailed outline below:

DAY 1 – 28th Dec, 2020

  • -The Background Work: Your Business, Your Customers, Your Offerings – 9AM – 10AM
  • -Building your sales funnel: Creating and automating the journey to move total strangers into prospects to customers, and finally to repeat customers – 10AM – 11AM 
  • -Step by step guide to build and update your own website yourself without needing a ‘developer’ – 11:30am – 1PM 

The day’s assignment – Create and design your lead magnet

DAY 2: 29th Dec, 2020

  • -How To Easily Create your social media content using content bucket- 9AM – 10AM
  • -Designing your social media content creatively to capture your audience – 10AM – 11AM
  • -How to build landing pages that explains your new offer, product or service so you don’t have to explain one after the other to each customer – 11:30am – 12:30pm

The day’s assignment – Build landing pages for all the stages of your funnel

Day 3: 31st Dec, 2020

  • -Running your Facebook and Instagram Ads – 9AM – 11AM
  • -How to engage customers who are not buying right away with EMAIL MARKETING. 11:30am – 12:30pm
  • -How to track results and know what to do to improve it. 12:30pm – 1PM

That’s Not All, You Get 3 Extra Bonus If you enrol for this session, you get the following below

Price: N6,500 | $16.25

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