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Succeed as a business owner

Digital is no more a luxury, it’s now a crucial necessity. But courses and ebooks only won’t produce results, community and support are crucial to success.

Knowledge For Every Area

The DABGS Community provides knowledge for every area of growing your business in a digital age. We research the hacks, you implement and get results in your business.

Community Members To Share Journey With

Imagine having a place you can see what other people are up to, get inspired and also share your journey/ pain point. Our community activity wall is where to share it all.

Answers To All Your Questions

Oh yes, you won’t always get it right. We understand that some areas could just turn out grey, we have created a forum where you can share all your questions and get answers to ALL.

Experts & Consultants Ready To Help

Our experts and support staff are award-winning digital and business management strategists who run businesses of their own. You are in safe hands.

Who Is DABGS For?

DABGS Community is a meeting point.


Meet fellow business owners, get support to grow your business, make faster progress than your competitors.


Success in your career is dependent on results you deliver to your employers, get all the wings you need to fly.


Your principal is probably busy fulfilling the demands of the business, get all the knowledge to be more valuable.


Access over 199 videos and ebooks covering different areas.

From business strategy to building a website, to content creation ideas, running online ads and managing and securing your business in a digital age. Get free access to all resources.


Access the forum to ask questions and get help

You will not always get it once and that’s it the truth. Courses are not enough, there could just be roadblocks peculiar to your business. Ask away on the forum.


DABGS Community Monthly General Assembly

Our monthly general assembly is an online call where the community members meet, interact, talk about business experience of the past month and the plans for growth in the new month.

Keep the conversation going on our community activity page.

The conversation never stops, share your success stories, failures, discoveries and things that make day to day activities worth it. The community activity page is where to share it all. Also where you share your latest business products and discounts to find more customers.


Access Our Resource Bank

From templates, to work sheet, and more. We have built resources you can edit to suit your business without having to start from scratch. These templates will save you hours.


Sensei: A series of daily growth challenges

DABGS Sensei is a course like offering that puts you to follow a day to day challenge to achieve a certain result.

How Is This Different From A Typical Course?

Get a subscription to the community

With a DABGS monthly or yearly subscription, you have wings to fly.


Buy 1 Month Subscription To The Community - $15

Buy 5 Months Subscription & Get 1 Month Free - $75

Buy 8 Months Subscription & Get A Whooping 4 Months Free - $120

The DABGS Advantage

The Big Question Is, Why DABGS?

Growing a business in an age like this is a lot easier and at the same time much more difficult. 

It’s easy because everyone now has a level playing ground, some privilege and right reserved for only the big companies are now accessible to almost everyone. 

This comes with its down-side; everyone is finding ways to get online. This comes with more competition, stiffer fight for attention and customer’s money. 

This brings this back to you needing experts to help you navigate and get results. But that in itself is expensive. 

Our goal is to build DABGS into that platform that gives you updated expert advice in form of courses, guided challenges, online discussions and sessions, answers to your questions and many more so you can have an edge. All at the cost of a pizza monthly. 

Our goal is to help you win in business in this digital age. 

Yours in service 🙂,
Oluwamayowa Oshidero,
Founder, DABGS.


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Frequently asked questions

If you have questions about DABGS, the community or our other custom offerings, please email us at, we will get in touch within 24 hours.

Business owners, business development executives, company strategy managers and everybody in a company whose position directly affects the growth of that business.

Yes, you get access to all the videos, courses, toolkits as long as you have an active monthly or yearly subscription.

The platform simply shuts your access to all the areas of the community, that means you won’t be able to access the videos, courses, forums and all that you enjoy. Immediately you renew, you have access without anything changing.

Yes, we will be adding new lessons, videos, toolkits as demand arises.

When you share a question, or need support, our consultant will get on to provide an answer and also share links that might help. Most importantly, fellow business owners who have more practical knowledge will be more excited to share with you how they have solved that particular issue.

However, if what you need is beyond just asking a question, I mean, if the challenge will warrant you speaking to a consultant, we will advise appropriately. 

Yes yes, please reach out to us on We might just grant you one month free access.

Unfortunately, we don’t. If you are a new member, we advise you take our 24 hours free access trial offer here, that way you have 24 hours access to test and see how the community works and what resources you have access to.

We accept credit and debit cards through our trusted payment partner, Flutterwave, you can also choose the bank transfer option at the check out point.

We are developing the community daily, adding new videos and a lot of case studies. But if you need a certain knowledge and it’s not on the community yet, you can simply fill a request with us, and we will queue it as part of the new video and courses we will be producing. 

Also, the more requests we get for a certain knowledge, the faster we will produce it. Meaning, if we have about 100 people requesting a video or course about ‘How to grow your sales with subscription strategy’, we will immediately prioritize that.


We Offer A Little More Than The Community

Our community is mainly for supporting solo entrepreneurs who want to ‘Do It By Themselves’. Do we have some more advanced offerings? Check the options below.

One on One

Book an undivided 1-hour call with one of our experts and get advice personal to you and your business.

Special Setup Programs

Find out about our programs specifically designed for you. These are crafted for a few selected audience.

Outsource To a Service Provider

Would you prefer a freelancer or a virtual assistant to implement these strategies for you?