According to recent research by Beamlocal, 81% of people across the world engage in researching a business or service on the internet prior to making a purchase decision. That shows that a whopping 25.92 million people are searching for businesses online. Isn’t that interesting!?

There is a popular myth that only medium-sized and big brands should have a business website. However, that is untrue. Irrespective of the business size or industry, having a website is expedient in telling people about your business, even when you are sleeping. 

A website is simply a home for your business on the internet. It is the combination of web pages that contain your business information, mission, vision, activities, and other important details that help the customer have a clear understanding of the business. In essence, a business website serves as its one-stop-shop that is readily available.

Recent research by Themeisle shows that about 84% of the customers today think a website is what makes a business credible. Therefore, for you to stand out as a professional amidst your many competitors in the industry, there is a need for a comprehensive business website. This also helps to have a strong business reputation and a strong online presence.

A business website also gives you the liberty of having all your business documents in one place. It’s the best place to showcase your business licenses, testimonials, certifications, awards, and numerous images. You have an added advantage of providing effective online customer service to users, either via email marketing, or automated live chat responses. 

Building a website is not limited to website developers and tech gurus alone. You can also build a website for your small business and by yourself. There are numerous tools and resources that can be used. With just your phone (or laptop), internet connection, and your commitment, you can build a simple but powerful website that will always keep your customers engaged, always. Go to dabgs.com and join the #30dayschallenge.

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