Do you have some free time in your hands and wonder what to do to earn more money legitimately?

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Meet Oluwatosin

Oluwatosin had a lot of time in her hands and was constantly looking for ways to use her time wisely and make some extra money. 

Almost every option out there either required her to learn a skill for so long a time or the legitimacy of actually driving income is not that clear. 

She found a business who urgently needed a digital business manager to help with their end of year sales campaign, she didn’t have the skills to pick up the job even though she has more than enough time in her hands. 

She came across Digital Business Management Program. She enrolled and in just the first 1 week, she learnt how to manage the social media account for this brand and in fact built the website the company used to drive their end of the year sales. 

Right now, she is now providing these services for a lot more businesses and earning some extra income for herself. 


What is the Digital Business Management Program About?

In today’s age, everything is now digital, from marketing, to sales, task management, accounting, staff management and more, just name it.

But you see, most business owners are not digital native; meaning, most of these business owners don’t know their way around digital tools and platforms. You will be shocked that some don’t even know how to create a social media account. 

Hence, their business is gradually closing down because they cannot adapt and compete with businesses owned by people who know their way around digital tools and platforms to grow.

So What Did We Do To Help These Businesses?

Here at we sat down and carefully created courses, programs and resources to offer a step by step guide to these businesses. Our goal is to simplify the process of using digital tools and platforms to grow any business?

Our courses are so simple that (the world biggest online learning platform) gave the feedback below:

Guess what, a lot of businesses who took the courses, used our resources and support produced a lot of result. See the screenshots below:

SugarSmith Cakes got her business on Google & her sales were supercharged!

MayCoutures got her ad video done herself.

AdabelleBeauty designed her own website herself.

Many more businesses got a lot of results; some even had better knowledge of growing their business.

But There Is Still a Problem

Most business owners simply don’t have time! Also, these business owners find it really hard to move ahead to follow these strategies to drive result for their business because of their underlying bias for technology.

So Where Do You Come In?

  1. You have some extra time to learn these skills tools and strategies that can help any business grow.
  2. You are a little bit familiar with technology and you will learn these skills faster. 
  3. You will be saving those businesses a lot of headaches while getting paid for each service you offer to them!
  4. You can work with as many businesses as you wish so far you have the time to deliver the result.

This is a WIN WIN!

What Does A Course Looks Like?

Sample Beginners Course
Sample Intermediate Course
Sample Advanced Course

So What Will You Get When You Enroll To The DBM Program?

You literally have everything you need!

Price: N10,000 | $25

Who Is The Digital Business Manager Program For?

  1. University students who want to spend extra hours after classes helping businesses grow while making money in return.
  2. Stay at home mums who will like to earn while working home
  3. Anyone of any age who will like to consider this as a full time job working from the comfort of their homes
  4. Anyone who has enough time to learn and then offers the services.

No prior knowledge is needed. All you need is some little time to take the courses and the willingness to help small business owners use digital to transform their businesses.

Criteria For Getting Enrolled

  1. No prior business knowledge is needed. 
  2. Basic digital skills is just fine.
  3. We advise that you get a real life business (it could be yours, or for your friends or family) to try everything you are learning.
  4. A working laptop (it could be a mini laptop) or a high end smartphone is required. 

That’s Not All, You Get 3 Extra Bonus

Access all for just: N10,000 | $25

Do you have any questions or need any clarifications?

Please use the chatbox, we will be happy to answer all.

Don’t want to pay online? 
Pay into the account below: 
Account Name: DABGS.COM

Wema Bank- 7810012964
Please note: BankTransfer fee is N10,500 (instead of the normal N10,000 if you pay online)

Do you have questions?

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