Are you tired of being left out of the the huge profit and ease that comes with using digital tools and platforms to manage your business? Then this guide is for you!

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Small businesses can now almost get the same level playing ground and access just as any big brand. You can now create space for you and your business online and also use tools to make your business efficient.

There are tons of bodies and people screaming that your business need to go digital to stay growing.

Do you already feel like you are the only one left out?

You are the only one not using digital to drive your business growth?

Infact, you are the only one sweating things out?


  • Helps you stay organised: Remember the time you forgot to follow up with a customer? or the time you forgot to reply a customer who DM’ed you in the middle of the night, or the time you were so angry that things don’t move in your business when you are not physically available. Or the time you had to always remind your customers that they haven’t paid for delivery with their product. You see with the right digital tools, you can cut all these frustrations. Imagine if most business operations is done via your smartphone, if you had a place where all your product and services are listed and all you had to do is to send that to your customer, 

  • – Helps you cut cost: Every little penny matters. Every paper you print adds to your cost, the cost of manually doing calculations of your sales, the cost of missing up data, the cost of loosing a customer because you are not available to reply their chat (when they could have checked your simple website), the cost of loosing customers because you are not found when they need you, a lot more.

  • – Helps you increase profit: Ultimately, you want to increase your profit and increase revenue. Each new channels that helps you drive new clients or help you make the current one stays longer increases your profit. 


So How Exactly Should You Get Started?


I understand that:

1. You are new to this whole digital thing and you are looking for the best guide that breaks it down without any jargon.
2. You are looking for the really quick things you can get done that will produce result in the shortest time
3. You want to be guided by a sound expert who has seen this through for many other businesses 
4. You will like an opportunity to ask questions wherever you might feel stuck.


We created painstakingly and carefully created this workbook  to guide you through turning your business growth and management activities digital for profit.


Dear business owner, 

The world is changing, the business space is changing, what your customers want is changing and your competitors are working twice hard to own the customers you already have. 
Going digital simply helps you increase efficiency and tap into a whole lot of tools that is already available to make running your business easy. 

If you were going to show your business to 1,000 people door to door, you would probably need a whole week, but with an efficient online advert, you could reach 10,000 people without leaving your own space. You could have people order your product while you sleep, you could record all your sales on a simple accounting tool and quit recording in paper and many more things you can do.

In fact, all this can be done from your smartphone. 

You should be spending time in your business fulfilling your orders to your customers and not worrying about how to get them, how to follow up easily or how to keep your books so you are profitable. 

I have personally invested time and effort to simplify and show you how you can take your business digital. 

This guide is filled with screenshot. This guide is clear enough to help you follow through even if you have never done anything digital before. 

I wish you all the best,

Oluwamayowa, Founder


Ready to grow your business?


– Chapter 1: Building A Simple Website:

In this chapter, you will be guided on a simple and easy way to create a website for your business, get a special link for your business so your customers could access and see all your product.

– Chapter 2: Writing Description for Your Products In Such a Way That Drive Sales:

On your journey to digitizing your business to profit, one thing to come to terms with is that the decision for a prospective client to buy your product or service is left to how impressed by what they see, you are not even there to prove your case when they don’t feel convinced. In this chapter, we will show you a step by step guide to writing a description for the product you display on your simple website, and how to make the customer want to buy even without talking to you.

– Chapter 3: Fixing Your Delivery Cost To Your Website:

In this chapter, we will walk you through setting the delivery costs to your simple website, so that your customer can choose their delivery option and have the cost added to their bill.

– Chapter 4: Using Your Phone To Take Photographs of Your Product: In A Way That It Looks Appealing

Remember, you are not there to show how beautiful or effective the product is, in this chapter, we will walk you through how to take pictures of your products, angles to take from, background ideas, sides to take.

– Chapter 5: Doing Basic Accounting:

Keeping a smooth and efficient record of your sales, expenses, and money flow is crucial to let you know if your business is growing and even helping you to get funds and investment when you need it. In this chapter, we will walk you through how to do this with your smartphone. You will learn how to

  • Record expenditure
  • Record income
  • Send invoices to customers
  • Get a report of how sales are performing

– Chapter 6: Managing Your Customer 

Imagine having all your customers in one single place? Having the ease of managing them, knowing those who currently owe you some money, and being able to send them reminders. In this chapter, we will walk you through how to simply do that through your smartphone.

– Chapter 7: Managing Your Activities

Do you find yourself forgetting important dates, well, you can’t be blamed, you have a lot to do to make your business grow? In this chapter, we will walk you through how to use simple calendar tools to keep a record of important activities in your business.

– Chapter 8: Putting Your Business On Google Maps:

There are millions of searches conducted in your city every day. A quick question, If I head to Google to search for a product or service you offer, will your business be the one that comes up? 
In this chapter, we will walk you through how to get your business to be amongst the listed businesses, and then how to get your business to show amongst the top.

– Chapter 9: How To Write Great Advert!

In this chapter, we will do a step-by-step walk-through on the best way to write an advert for your product or service in a way that attracts sales. Whether it’s for social media, for Google, or even for your Whatsapp Stories.

– Chapter 10: How To Push Your Business To More People With Ads:

No matter how fantastic your business is, if no one knows about it, you are not going to make that lots of sales. In this chapter, you will learn how to show your product, services and offers to those already searching for you. Step by step guide. BONUS: You will learn how to get Google’s free $30 to run an online advert for your business, whooping $30 for free.

– Chapter 11: Creating Engaging Content for Your Social Media:

When it comes to using digital for sales, content is your vehicle. You want to tell how awesome your product is, you do it with content, you want to tell how legitimate your business is, you do it with content, you want to tell us why you are better than other competitors, you do it with content. In this chapter, we will walk you through how to write quality and engaging content for your social media pages. This will be the simplest way to writing content you will ever see.

– Chapter 12: How To Design Content Into Beautiful Designs & Engaging Videos:

Now that you have created nice content, in this chapter, we will walk you through simple ways to design your content into nice and engaging designs and videos.

– Chapter 13: How Start An Affiliate System To Get Other People To Sell Your Product For You:

Affiliate marketing is a great way to drive sales for your business. In this chapter, we will walk you through how to start an affiliate program to get people to push and sell your products while you compensate them with a commission.

– Chapter 14: How To Use Whatsapp Business Like A Pro:

Whatsapp is where everyone is these days, we can say that has replaced text messages, Whatsapp Business app has been designed with a lot of features to make running a business easy. Most businesses use only 40% of what their Whatsapp Business app is capable of. In this chapter we will walk you through using all the tools to manage your business.

– Chapter 15: How To Ask For Testimonial & Referral From Your Past Customers:

Testimonials from your past customers make your new customers feel like they can trust your product/service/offer does what you say it does. In this chapter, we will walk you through strategies to ask for quality testimonials and referrals. 

Each of this chapter cost $10 each,

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