How Use The ‘Subscription Strategy’ To Drive More Repeat Customer Purchase

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Date(s) - 12/09/2020
8:00 pm

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This Saturday, we will be exploring the topic: How to Use The ‘Subscription Strategy’ To Drive More Repeat Customer Purchase’

It’s not enough to get a lot of new customers, the real growth of your business is locked in your ability to get them to buy again and again and again. A customer who purchased a product worth of $200 could end up purchasing up to $1,200 if you find the best way to keep offering value.

Subscription strategy is one of the most potent ways to drive repeat customer to your business. Think about DSTV, Netflix and all those services you pay a subscription for, they do not have to market to you all over again before you make payment for their service. That’s exactly what ‘subscription strategy’ does to your business.

In fact, it has benefits like:

  1. You have an assure revenue and cash flow (I mean, if you have 10 active subscribers, you have a defined amount of revenue)
  2. You can plan how you delegate your business resources, whether HR or even raw materials
  3. This helps you stay connected more to your customer, as they will have that feeling of ‘She got me covered’
  4. You also tap into ‘economies of scale’ you will be able to buy what you need in bulk and therefore save some money.
  5. Ability to offer better service to your client, because you have a reduced cost, you can afford to give a discount other businesses can’t without ruining your own profit.

Any and every business can leverage the subscription model, from a caterer to a makeup artist, to a fashion product business, consulting business, etc. However, some might need to leverage it differently.

The secret is, starting up this community was a move to leverage the subscription strategy to grow our business. If we service you value week on week, and you see the growth in your business, you are definitely going to keep subscribing.

All of this will be explained in this week’s webinar.

The webinar is freeeeeee. But only to members of the community.

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