How To Digitize Your Business & Double Your Profit In 30 Days Or Less [Step By Step]

How To Digitize Your Business & Double Your Profit In 30 Days Or Less [Step By Step]

First, what does it mean to digitize your business?

Digitize looks like big English. But to break it down, it simply means using digital tools, platforms and strstegies to run your business.

Before 2020 everyone knew digital is ‘kind of a big deal’, those that had digitized their business were already making a killing, but you know, to others, it looks far fetched. And boom! 2020, COVID happened, and it became obvious that digital is the new normal.

But till today, some businesses don’t exactly know what to do, or how to ‘digitize’ their business. Are you one of them? This blog post is for you.

So how do you get started?

Find Out The Prospect That Abounds In Digitizing Your Type of Business

Step 1

It actually starts from here. You want to make sure what you are about to invest time, money and energy into is going to bring back something that will grow your business.

For the sake of some quick and cheap motivation see this headline below

Here are ways to do this:

  1. Inspire yourself with the stat on
  2. Look at other businesses in your niche and see how they use digital (may be they have a website, they have a very good online marketing, their accounting is fully digitized, they even take bookings online)
  3. Simply search on Google ‘How Can Digital Help Me Grow My [Insert Your Type Of Business] Business, e.g ‘How can digital help me grow my food and catering business’.

Get Your Self Ready To Make The Transformation

STEp 2

For some people, digital is not something that looks friendly (even though in actual reality, if you use the right digital tool for you and your business, you will find it really easy), you need to get yourself prepared. You need to overcome your digital bias and be ready to give this all it takes.

In practical terms:

  1. Get a structured guide and course instead of trying to figure things out on your own, sometimes trying to find free resources in bit can leave you ‘more confused’.
  2. If possible be in a community of those looking to grow their business by digitizing.
  3. Get a place where you can ask questions wherever you feel stuck (sometimes, result might not be as expected if you are not doing the right thing in entirety)
  4. Don’t reinvent the wheel, if you can find template and worksheet to use, do that instead.

All this we provide at, do check it out.

Focus On Things That Matter To Profit


Since the goal here is not to look nice and just have fancy digital things in your business BUT to actually increase profit, you need to jealousy focus on things that will actually increase your profit.

To increase profit, you need to:

  1. Sell more:
    1. Getting more customers basically
    2. Take advantage of channels that won’t cost you much but bring you a lot of client
    3. Making sure people who find your business get convinced that you are legitimate
  2. Cut unnecessary cost:
    1. Running away from things that waste your money (e.g Printing when you can email invoices, spending a huge chunk on call credit, when you can send whatsapp update message etc)
    2. Constantly getting feedback to know what you need to cut out.
  3. Serve more: You can’t accept more customers than you can actually serve, if you do, you know where it will land you, so here you want to make sure you are
    1. You want to make sure you are organized
    2. You buy as much time as possible
    3. You let technology handle most things, so you can spend your time, attnetion and focus on things that allow you serve more customers.

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