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Hello, this is Martha,

I am so glad you registered to join our January 2022 Hangout. 
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Let me tell you about and what we do! is a small business digital business coach.
We noticed that the 4 things every small business need in this age are:

  1. Access to guides that shows clearly how to use tools to grow their business.

  2. Access to ready-made strategies that can easily copy to their business (who likes to struggle:smiley:).

  3. Access to standby consultants who will answer any question and every question they have. 

  4. Access to resources and templates.

Each of these will separately cost you money! In fact a lot! But you need them to grow your business. Or aren’t you tired of trial by error and other solo work that is wasting your money and time? 

But guess what! gives you access to this all for a token of N10,000 per quarter.

For registering for our hangout, I am giving you a FREE Trial Access to 

Just simply go to and check on the FREE Trial, then follow through with the form. ENJOY EVERYTHING WE HAVE PUT THERE. 

If you try and you send me an email telling me what you like most about I will send you a 10% discount code off your first subscription to @

I look forward to reading from you. 

Martha from

PS: We do have a One-On-One service, where I get one of our digital business growth experts to work with you to get things done over a 1-hour call. This could be to design a mini-website for your business, create content together, plan your influencer marketing, or figure out what tech tools that will help you run a part of your business more efficiently. You can find out more about that here