3 Easy Ways To Know The Exact People Who Need Your Products/Services

3 Easy Ways To Know The Exact People Who Need Your Products/Services

One of the fastest ways to fail as a business owner is to try to sell to everybody.

Let’s imagine that you sell shoes…

Between someone who loves Louis Vuitton shoes and someone who does not have any interest in fashion, who is more likely to buy from you?

That’s right!

Many businesses waste time and money because they are trying to market their goods and services to the wrong people. 

I don’t want you to make the same mistake.

Here are 3 simple ways to define who your target audience is:


You want to get more customers right? 


The simplest way to know who needs your products/services is to study those who have previously bought them.

Here are some things to consider:

  • What do they do?
  • What did they buy?
  • Why did they buy it? (The major pain point/desire)

The information you get from your existing customers helps you to know who is likely to buy.

It can also help you to sell other similar items to them.


For example, you run a beauty store that sells make-up kits.

Why do you think anybody will walk into your store to buy them?

You can say they want to look beautiful…

That might be true but nobody goes out of their way to simply look beautiful.

Here are some things that might make your potential clients lose their sleep:

  • Wanting to look their best on their wedding day and becoming the talk of the town (Young ladies  who are about to get married)
  • Wanting to hide an obvious scar or skin care problem that makes them feel inferior
  • Wanting to look young again in order for their husbands to keep finding them attractive instead of cheating on them with younger ladies (Older women)

Once you know your potential customers’ pain points, you only need to advertise your product/service as a solution to them.

NB: You don’t have to sell beauty items to use this strategy; it can work for any brand.


Social media can come in handy when it comes to defining who your target audience is.

Here are two ways you can use social media to do this:

  • Study the people who follow your competitors

Check what your competitors are saying as well as which posts get the most engagements.

People don’t just follow brands on social media.

If you do this right, you’ll get massive results with less effort and costs.

  • Study the people who follow you

It’s pretty obvious right?

If they follow you, it means they are interested in you.

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Just like with your competitors, you should check why they are following you.

Also, check which posts get the most engagements.

With these, you can see what they really are interested in and how to position your products/services attractively.

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