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Let’s Create a Simple Mini Site With You

For one hour, a business growth expert will work with you to create a mini-site that shows all your product and allows your customers to purchase online.

PS: Minisites are simple sites created with simple apps (usually from your phone)

Let’s Edit Your Already Existing Mini-Site

For one hour, a business growth expert will work with you to edit or fine-tune your already existing mini-site to make it ready for use by your customers.

PS: Minisites are simple sites created with simple apps (usually from your phone)

Let’s Help You Add Products To Your Mini-Site / Website

Whether a mini-site or a full-blown site, adding products is one key thing you need to get done right. Let’s web expert work with you to get this done.

PS: A full website are the robust version built on a computer, usually on WordPress or Shopify.


Let’s Create A Strategy For Your Content Activity

Stop creating content that has no direction and takes your business nowhere, let an expert create a strategy for how you use content to achieve your business goals, what to do, when, and how.

Let’s Create Your Business Strategy Together

Do you know your business model, is it easy for you to make a profit, are you just “taking it as it comes”? Let an expert create a solid business strategy with you, own a big market share and drive good profit.

Let’s Create A Special Campaign Strategy

Valentine, Christmas, Black Friday, End of the year sales? Each season has its own uniqueness, if you miss out on it, you lose. Let an expert help you plan the best strategy to use for the next season.


Let’s Create Content & Caption For Your Social Media Together

Have you been struggling to create content to engage your audience and drive some sales and growth in your business? Let an expert do this with you while you watch!

Let’s Create Content For Your Email Marketing Together

Stop sitting on the customers’ emails you have, let an expert work with you to create a series of engaging emails that customers love to read and that get them purchasing.

Let’s Create Your Product Descriptions Together

Your product description can make or break your online sales. Your customers need to feel like they are holding the product in their hands. Let an expert write this together with you.


Let’s Create Your Social Media Design Template

Having a style and template makes your page have a special feel. Most importantly, it saves you precious time. Let an expert work with you to create a content design template for your brand.

Let’s Design Your Pictures Into Popping Content

No! You don’t need a million-dollar camera to have pictures that pop! Just any picture can be worked around. Let an expert work with you to design your pictures and make it ready for your social feed.

Let’s Load Your Videos With Captivating Effects

No! You don’t need a professional cinematographer to shoot your video before you start getting massive engagement from your videos. Let an expert work with you to edit your videos, start raking in engagements.


Let’s Design Your Campaign Landing Page Together

You don’t want to use Whatsapp or Messenger as your landing page, let an expert work with you to design a landing page that brings you, customers.

Let’s Design Your Ad Creatives Together

Your ad video, image or design is the first introduction to your product or service, it needs to impress or else no one will care. Let an expert work with you to create this.

Let’s Run Your Facebook/Instagram Ads Together

Are you tired of running ads that produce no result or you are tired of ad targeting confusions? Let an expert run your campaigns with you.


Let’s Plan Your Giveaway, Freebie or Contest Together

For one hour, an expert will carefully work with you to plan your ‘giveaway’ in a way that it achieves your set goals.

Let’s Plan Your Influencer Campaign Together

Influencer can be a hit or a miss. Let an expert work with you to build a solid plan for your influencer campaign to achieve your goal.

Let’s Plan Your Affiliate Marketing Campaign Together

Affiliate marketing is a powerful sales channel. Let an expert work with you to set up an affiliate marketing channel for your business.


Review The Results I’m Getting

From marketing to sales, operation etc. Do you need an expert to go through your result to see if you are on track, or need to make an urgent adjustment.

I Want To Tech My Business

Which part of your business gives you some challenges currently? Get an expert to deploy the right tech tool to help you manage it. Stop the struggle.

I Want To Discuss Other Things

Do none of this catch your attention? You just need to talk about other things, logistics, staff operations, etc. We got you. Book a one on one and let’s talk!


Answers to frequently asked questions about the DABGS One On One With Expert Session

You will get a payment confirmation then a follow-up email with a calendar link to book from the available time. 

You will also get an email telling you what you need to prepare ahead of the session so we don’t spend the precious time working on what you could have done before the one on one.

We will charge you a fine of 20% of the amount for the One on Session you booked. If we are the one who missed the scheduled time, we will refund you back a 25% of the amount you paid.

Ideally you shouldn’t. As mentioned, we would have told you what to prepare ahead, you can then choose a time that ensures you would have gotten all things ready. 

E.g If you are requesting for a time to work on a mini site for your business, we would email you to put things like: you products, price, product description etc together ahead. 

If it happens that you need more than one hour, it will be really justified. You can just go ahead to book.

No, we do not offer refunds for this, however, we can allow you to change your scheduled date for a token of 20% of the amount you paid for your session. 

Immediately you book a time, we notify the niche specialist who will block out everything they are doing just to give you undivided attention. You changing abruptly will be a disservice to the expert.